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The Basics of hiking and Camping gear


When you first start looking for hiking and camping gear, youíll find that the options available to you are virtually endless. However, thereís no need to invest in thousands of dollars of new hiking and camping gear right off the bat. If you are just starting out, then the hiking and camping gear that youíll need to purchase will entirely depend on the camping location that you will be visiting and the facilities that they will provide for you. So start by looking for the location or locations that youíre interested in, the different options they have for lodging, and then youíll know what youíll need to buy.

But if camping is something that you plan to do on a regular basis, then it is certainly wise to invest in some basic gear. Not just because it will make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable, but also because it can also make a difference in your safety as well.

One of the biggest factors in determining what hiking and camping gear you will need is the location that you choose and the time of year that you will be going. This will help you to decide on two major aspects of hiking and camping gear Ė attire and sleeping bags. Obviously, what you will need to wear in warmer weather isnít necessarily as important as what will be needed to protect you from the elements in colder weather. But regardless, look for clothing that is durable, easy to wash and dry on the road, and will keep moisture away from your skin. Layering your attire is a good idea as well, as it gives you the best chances of being comfortable, regardless of the weather.

When it comes to sleeping bags, youíll find that hiking and camping gear has come a long way from the bags you might have had for sleepovers as a child. There are bags available now that are made for one person or two, for summer or deepest winter, that can be compressed down to a small, that are made from cosy goose down or allergy-free synthetics. Plus, you donít need to put your bag directly on the ground anymore either. A number of pads are available that can make the ground warmer, drier and less lumpy, meaning that youíll be more comfortable all around.

Some other basic hiking and camping gear options may be necessary depending on where youíre going or on your personal needs. If youíre not absolutely certain that the water available at the site is potable, then water filters or tablets are important. You would be smart to have a basic washable mess kit, which is not only convenient but also much friendlier for the environment. Safety gear is important, particularly in more isolated areas. A first-aid kit, flashlights, and radio to keep abreast of weather conditions should be a part of every camperís gear.

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