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What to Know about Camping Gear the UK Offers


As any world traveller knows, there are bound to be differences between what is available in all kinds of products from one country to another. So if you are planning a camping trip to the UK, then you will want to think about what camping gear the UK retailers might have, what they might not have, and what other camping gear the UK campers might use that is more conducive to the weather or camping amenities that you can find at UK campsites.

If you have a favourite dried food, protein supplement, first aid product or other similar item, then you would be wise to pack a sufficient supply of these items with you to the UK, as these are the types of things that might not be sold there. However, camping is an incredibly popular pastime in the UK, so might enjoy trying some new camping gear – the UK has similar substitutes in order to add a bit of the local camping experience to your trip.

If you have other camping gear items that you would like to bring to the UK, then there are a couple of things to consider. First, the power outlets that you are accustomed to in the US, and the plugs that any appliances or charger are fitted with here will not work in the power outlets that you’ll find in the UK. In order to use your personal electronic camping gear the UK way, you’ll need to have a converter and adaptor for the plugs. These are relatively inexpensive and can be used for personal appliances as well.

If you do decide to buy camping gear the UK retailers are great, or even if you are just planning to camp in the UK, then you will certainly run into some UK camping terms that are different from the ones we use in the US. For example, recreational vehicles and trailers are called caravans in the UK, and caravanning is what camping in an RV is called. You’ll want to look for caravan parks if you’d like to find a campsite that has the hook-ups you’ll need. If your battery goes out in your flashlight or headlamp, then you’ll need to visit a local shop to replace it. But instead of a new flashlight, you’ll want to ask for a torch.

Remember that in much of the UK, the weather is much wetter than what you might be used to. Even in summer, the ground can remain wet and muddy. So be certain that you have high boots and lots of socks as well as sufficiently water proof camping gear. Plus, many camping gear UK shops will offer gaiters. These are canvas like protectors that you strap over your boot and up to your knee. They help to keep the moisture from getting down inside your boots and could make the difference between a comfortable and a miserable hiking experience.

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