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Camping Gear Canada


Whether you live in Canada, or plan on visiting Canada, this country is full of wonderful camp sites that offer different climates and terrain, depending on the area you wish to camp at. Once you know what area you wish to camp at, you should plan on the proper camping gear. Canada has much to offer any visitor especially for those who enjoy the great outdoors.

Canada is considered to be the second largest country in the world after Russia. It encompasses six time zones and has coastlines on the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. Although it is such a large country, majority of the population remain in the southern portion of it because of the hostile northern climate. From the west, along the coast there are the warm Pacific air currents and an exceptional amount of rain that gives the area a lush green scenery full of forests. From these forests come rugged mountains and high plateaus where the Rocky Mountain range runs through. As you go further east, into the center of Canada, there are endless fields of wheat. As you head further east, conditions become harsher as the cold from the Atlantic and Arctic hit this area.

Most campers in Canada tend to flock towards the central or western parts of Canada. Camping season usually begins in May and lasts until September. However, most people plan their camping trips from June to August because of the warmer weather. When planning on the time and the place for your camping trip you should also prepare yourself by planning on packing the proper camping gear. Canada is known for its unpredictable weather, especially in the rugged areas.

Before heading out on your camping trip, you will want to ensure you have packet the right camping gear. Canada has different terrain throughout the country and you will want to ensure that you have packed the right gear for the area you plan on staying in. For example you will want a waterproof tent and sleeping bag as well as plastic tarp for extra protection if you plan on staying along the west coast, where it tends to be rainy and wet. But if you are staying in the central part of Canada there are some areas with desert-like conditions where you will want the proper sleeping bags and tents. On the internet there are several checklists of camping gear, Canada is a popular place for rugged campers, so finding a good website should be easy.

Whatever location you decide upon, ensure that you include insect repellent in your checklist of camping gear. Canada, as well as any outdoor area, has issues with mosquitoes and other insects. So bring along some good repellent and protect yourself as well as your loved ones.

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